For facial treatments we use YON-KA brand, created in 1954 and a pioneer in phytoaromatic treatments. They guarantee the skin the most valuable of plants, their revitalizing essential oils full of solar energy and complementary active ingredients - vitamins, fruit acids, polyphenols, peptides, trace elements.

Inside Yon-ka products and treatments, quintessence and its 5 essential oils with extraordinary powers - lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme - are an olfactory treasure in an exclusive formula that reinforces the effectiveness of natural active ingredients extracted from plants from all over the world!

Facial Detoxification - LE GRAND CLASSIQUE

Deep cleaning, for all skin types. 75m

=purified skin, sublimated tone and healthy relaxation.

Complete treatment that leaves skin clean, balanced and radiant. The protocol is customized according to each skin/age.

Aromatic compress + 2 warm mists with 5 essential oils, vegetable exfoliation, peeling, blackhead extraction, face, neck and décolletage shaping massage, eye contour mask + purifying mask with aromatic compress, adapted to the skin type and needs, finishing cream, aromatic awakening.

Os essenciais

- HYDRALESSENCE (hidratante) 60m.

- NUTRYLESSENCE (nutritivo) 60m

- CALMESSENCE (calmante) 60m

Compressa aromática + 2 brumas mornas com 5 óleos essenciais, esfoliação vegetal,máscara hidratante sob vapor, massagem modeladora do rosto, pescoço e colo, máscara hidratante,  creme finalizador, despertar aromático.

Os fundamentais

-ELASTINE (rugas superficiais) ) 60m.

-TIME RESIST (rugas profundas) 60m.

Compressa aromática+ limpeza dupla, peeling profundo grau II, manobras anti-idade localizadas, massagem modeladora do rosto, pescoço e colo, máscara lifting, creme finalizador, despertar aromático.

The intermediates

-PURIFYING (for skin with imperfections) 60m.

-PEELING (to renew and improve skin texture) 60m.

-VITAMIN C 25 (to give freshness and glow to the skin) 60m.

Aromatic compress + double cleansing, vegetable exfoliation, peeling (grade I, II or III), shaping massage of the face, neck and décolleté, mask adapted to the treatment, finishing cream, aromatic awakening.